Best Vacuum And Steam Mop Combo Reviews In 2023 – Top 5 Picks!

Cleaning a house is a stressful yet necessary task that you can never neglect. Cleaning tools like vacuums, mops and steamers make cleaning easier. But, getting multiple tools is also another headache. However, if you get the best vacuum and steam mop combo, cleaning won’t be a hassle for you.

A vacuum steam mop cleaner includes two products in one form structure. It can clean and sanitize at the same time for floors, surfaces, or any other household. If you’re also after this convenience for your cleaning process, stick with the article. We’ve compiled the best vacuum steam mops here.

Quick Overview: Best Vacuum and Steam Mop Combo

With multiple cleaning heads, ergonomic design, and dual action workflow, this steam and vacuum combo do a great job overall.

With a 13 oz water container capacity, dual action vac and steam mop alongside a digital control panel for less price, it’s the best value for money.

Great tool for steam cleaning and vacuuming simultaneously without having to stuck with a cord to the wall. Runs on a rechargeable battery; great indeed!

If you want the best dual action capability from your steam cleaner and want it at a reasonable price, go for this one.

If you need high-pressure cleaning from a small footprint, this handheld steamer and mop is your way to go with.

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Comparison Chart:

To know all of our selected vacuum mop combos at a glance, just go through the comparison chart below:







BISSELL Symphony 2 in 1 Vac and Steam


Bissell, 2747A PowerFresh Vac & Steam


Hoover ONEPWR Cordless FloorMate Jet


Hoover FH40160PC FloorMate Deluxe


BISSELL Power Steamer 3-in-1 Handheld Steamer

5 Best Vacuum and Steam Mop Combo Reviews 2022

A vacuum and steam mop combo is a versatile tool that can make cleaning tasks quicker. They feature a vacuum for dust and debris and a boiler for high-temperature steam to loosen up dirt and stains. Our expert team researched and picked some of the best vacuum and steam mop combos so that you get the best value


1. Best overall: BISSELL Symphony 2 in 1 Vac and Steam

BISSELL Symphony 2 in 1 Vac and Steam

This 2-in-1 steam mop and vacuum combo from  BISSELL comes with a powerful Cyclonic vacuum cleaning technology. It vacuums the loose dust and debris and cleans stubborn stains and dirt with steam cleaning, both at the same time.

Keeping your home tidy with less time makes it the best vacuum and steam mop combo.  You’ll get a dry tank technology with this vacuum cleaner that keeps the debris in a separate tank. Thus, it won’t make a mess with vacuum and steam and keep on cleaning simultaneously, making better use of time.

Besides, the steam boiler in this cleaner produces a variable temperature of low to high to give you more control. You can eliminate 99.99% of germs, viruses, bacteria, tough stains, stubborn dirt, dust mite, etc. with its high-temp steam. And it works for all types of floors and other surfaces like walls, windows, and others.

With a wide cleaning path of 11 inches, it will make your cleaning a breeze for both vacuuming and steaming. The convenient handle with height adjustability makes this cleaner compatible with any person of any height. Plus, the digital touch control panel will help you control it with more precision at cleaning.

You’ll get the steam variation control on the panel with two levels. It also has a  button to switch between vacuum and steam or run them both at the same time. The 12.8 oz water tank will help you cover a large area with a single refill. Moreover, the Microban technology will keep the mop pad fresh and clean for a long.

Technical Features:

  • Dimensions: 9 x 11 x 46.5 inches
  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Functionality: Steam and Vacuum (Simultaneously)
  • Tank capacity: 8 oz
  • Cleaning head: microfiber soft and scrubby pad with detachable tray

BISSELL Symphony Features:

  • This upright vacuum cleaner can clean as well as sanitize 99.99 per cent of germs and viruses with ease.
  • It comes with dry tank technology so that you can keep moisture out of your dirt tank.
  • The cleaner’s digital touch control panel allows control of steam levels according to users’ requirements.
  • It has an adjustable handle and 25 feet long power cord to ensure convenient cleaning.
  • This multipurpose vacuum and steam cleaner come with a lightweight and portable build that needs minimum maintenance.
  • Easy to control.
  • Suitable for all kinds of surfaces.
  • Dual tank system.
  • A bit bulky when the tank is full.

2. Best Value for money: Bissell, 2747A PowerFresh Vac & Steam

Bissell, 2747A PowerFresh Vac & Steam

The PowerFresh All-in-One cleaner from Bissel comes with both vacuum cleaning and steam mopping. You can eliminate up to 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens with this multifunctional steamer.

When it comes to deep cleaning, the vacuum section of this cleaner works surprisingly well alongside the steamer. You can use this vacuum and steam mop combo on different floors like laminate, hardwood, granite, tiles, and more. Plus, it works on other surfaces like walls, and windows as well.

The powerful vacuum captures everything from large debris to tiny pet hair and keeps your home a better place to live in. It sanitizes your house with a soft microfiber pad if you have less mess on the floor. Likewise, it includes a scrubby pad if there’s any stubborn dirt or grime to clean up.

Not to mention, there’s a removable mop tray that helps you swap between the pads depending on how messy a floor you’re cleaning. Operating this cleaner combo is super simple with its touch panel digital controller. It allows you to switch between the steam or vacuum if you need only one.

You can also use both the cleaning methods at the same time to deep clean while saving time. Plus, the steam heat level adjustment gives you full control over the effectiveness. It allows you to work on soft floors as well as hard ones like stone floors or granite and sealed hardwood.

Technical Features:

  • Dimensions: 9 x 11 x 46.5 inches
  • Weight: 57 pounds
  • Functionality: Steam and Vacuum (Simultaneously)
  • Tank capacity: 8 oz
  • Cleaning head: microfiber soft and scrubby pad with detachable tray

2747A PowerFresh Features:

  • This mops digital and user-friendly control panel allows the switch between vacuum, steam, or both.
  • It has a powerful suction, compatible with both laminate floors and bathroom floors, reaching a tight space and sucking dust and debris.
  • You can easily customize your cleaning with its digital control, and it is suitable for any sealed floors, including hardwood floors.
  • This mops detachable mop pad tray makes it easier to switch or change the mop pad.
  • Its durable construction and portable build make it convenient to clean in any compact space.
  • Eliminate 99. 9% of germs and bacteria
  • Easy to choose and switch function.
  • Produce high-temperature steam.
  • The handle could be bigger.

3. Best Cordless Cleaner: Hoover ONEPWR Cordless FloorMate Jet

Hoover ONEPWR Cordless FloorMate Jet

The Hoover ONEPWR FloorMate JET vacuum mop stands out from similar others with its cordless operation. Despite the cordless design, it works with might and cleans deep on almost any floor type with both vacuuming and steaming.

It works with a ONEPWR 3.0 Ah battery and comes with two of these in the package, making your cleaning jobs a lot easier. You can deeply clean your floor with its jet nozzle that sprays water or cleaning solution on the floor.

You can use the sprayer on demand to spray only when you need to loosen stiff dirt on the floor. The control panel comes with an indicator and power button as well as an LED display to use the machine properly with the battery.

Working on various sealed surfaces including hardwoods, vinyl, tile and laminate, etc. is easy with this cleaner. One battery can deliver enough power to run for 18 minutes, while others can recharge for the next task.

Thereby, you can keep on cleaning, and the microfiber multipurpose brush roll will help you on that. It washes and scrubs at the same time to pick up dry and wet dirt and stains without making your floors too wet.

Plus, the tool-free cleanup process of this brush roll will make your cleaning job a lot less messy. When it comes to storage, the storage tray it comes with also offers an automated rinse pot for effortless cleaning.

Technical Features:

  • Dimensions: 5 x 12.25 x 11.25 inches
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Functionality: Steam and Vacuum
  • Tank design: Dual tank design
  • Cleaning head: rolling brush with storage tray

Hoover ONEPWR Features:

  • You’ll be able to wash and vacuum all sorts of floors in a short time without any damage to your floors.
  • This mop has two removable batteries to power up, which provide flexibility while cleaning a place where a power outlet is unavailable.
  • It offers good battery level backup with its lithium-ion battery as a cordless vacuum mop combo.
  • The versatile mop comes with a line & storage tray that provides hassle-free cleaning without getting your hand dirty.
  • It’s a portable cordless model with a slim design and good cordless cleaning power for heavy cleaning.
  • Can clean any hard floor surface.
  • Refill during operation.
  • Easy to use and assemble.
  • Lightweight design with wet mopping mode.
  • A bit heavy.

Alternative product: Adoric Life 3-in-1 Upright Vacuum /Mop

4. Best budget machine: Hoover FH40160PC FloorMate Deluxe

Hoover FH40160PC FloorMate Deluxe

The Hoover FH40160PC vacuum cleaner features dual cleaning methods for both dry and wet cleaning. It comes with dual water tanks to hold on clean and dirty water separately. Hence, cleaning the machine becomes a breeze because of this design.

It takes in cleaning solutions to a tank and sprays directly on the stain or stubborn dirt when you need it. You can spray the solution and run the cleaning head also to suck up dirty water at once. In the meantime, different brushes will do the cleaning.

There are multipurpose brushes to do the scrubbing and mopping at the same time. Plus, the brushes are counter-rotating, so that you can get the deepest cleaning results. Furthermore, its mop head has wheels on the back for easy manoeuvring.

When it comes to cleaning the tool itself, the tool-free removable tanks, brush and nozzle are super easy to operate. Besides, since the tanks for dirty and clean water are separate, cleaning them is super easy as well. And they don’t need any tools, too.

Cleaning stubborn stains and dirt is now become a lot easier with the FloorMate cleaner because of multiple brushes. It has both soft and hard options with an easy swap feature that works for any surface including hardwood, tile, or other floor types.

Technical Features:

  • Dimensions: 4 x 12.8 x 32.8 inches
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Functionality: Vacuum and mopping
  • Tank design: Dual tank design
  • Cleaning head: rolling brush with storage tray

Hoover FH40160PC Features:

  • This mop dual water tank doesn’t mix dirty water with clean water to eliminate germs virtually.
  • Its dual operation mode allows fast cleaning and quicker dry time to reduce your floors from any harmful impact.
  • You can easily control this cleaner with a fingertip, which can reduce the hassle of adjustment.
  • This vacuum mop has two different brushes for cleaning and vacuuming with ease.
  • It is a highly durable vacuum mop that is very easy to operate and takes less time to assemble.
  • Suitable for all hard surfaces.
  • Dual water tank.
  • Fingertip control.
  • Water tank capacity could be more.

5. Best handheld: BISSELL Power Steamer 3-in-1 Handheld Steamer

BISSELL Power Steamer 3-in-1 Handheld Steamer

If you’ve been looking for the best handheld vacuum and steam mop combo, this is the one you need. It works both as an upright steamer, or a small handheld machine. You can use it on any place and any surface with many variable steam options.

This 3-in-1 heavy-duty multi-purpose steam cleaner and mop will blast away stiff grime, stubborn dirt and other impurities from your floor. It’s a chemical-free solution for eliminating 99. 9% of germs, viruses, and bacteria. Safe for your kids and pets.

Its multipurpose upright design transforms into a handheld unit as well as an extended one. There are multiple heads like bristle & nylon brushes, grout tools, scraper tools, angle cleaners, fabric steamers, surface moper, and window squeegee.

All these extensions will ensure you have full control of everything in both interior and exterior areas. It’s also a good cleaner for stubborn grimes of garages, boats,  decks, autos, ATVs, outdoor patios, and so on. You can select from the variable steam modes depending on which surface you’re working on.

It works on any surface from sealed hardwood to vinyl or linoleum. As it generates high heat of 200° F in only 30 seconds, cleaning will be superfast. Plus, the 25 feet power cord will help you move freely in a large space. The on-demand trigger controller helps you decide both the amount and intensity of steam.

The 13.5 fl. oz. water tank will be enough to deal across a large area with one refill. Plus, it includes 29 accessories for different applications and the onboard accessory storage will keep them organized. You’ll get a handy control panel to control the steam intensity and amount, heat level as well as pressure level.

Technical Features:

  • Dimensions: 14 x 9.5 x 46.5 inches
  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Functionality: Stemming and mopping
  • Tank capacity: 5 oz (200° F in 30 seconds)
  • Cleaning heads: 29 (with on-board storage)

BISSELL Power Steamer Features:

  • This 3-in-1 heavy-duty steam cleaner and mop converts into an upright, extended, or handheld unit.
  • It comes with an onboard control panel for both steam settings and the water pressure to the surface.
  • You can work on different surfaces with it including Hardwood, Vinyl, Linoleum, Tile, Granite, and so on.
  • There are 29 cleaning heads including stiff and soft brushes, microfiber mopping pads, grout cleaners, and scrapers.
  • The water tank of this cleaner holds 5 oz. of water and heats up to 200° F in only 30 seconds to clean any stubborn dirt.
  • Fast heating up technology
  • Onboard accessories’ storage
  • Heavy duty build quality
  • Wall mount for easy storage
  • Long power cord and extension hose
  • The storage doesn’t hold many heads

Why Use a Vacuum Mop Combo?

A vacuum mop combo can provide proper cleaning to ensure a neat and clean environment inside your house. They sweep and steam at the same time. Below, we present you with a few reasons why you should use a vacuum mop instead of a regular one.

Why Use a Vacuum Mop Combo

Effective cleaning:

When you think of a quicker cleaning solution for a house, nothing can beat a vacuum mop combo. They produce hot steam and suction to provide deep cleaning with a microfiber mop pad. Steam and vacuum create a sufficient force against tough stains; that’s how they make your house cleaner, for all kinds of floors. Also, high-temperature steam can sanitize and disinfect while cleaning other dust or debris.

Save Time:

Usually, people need to vacuum before mopping the floors or surfaces. But when you use a vacuum combo, they work together; they become unbeatable as well as quicker than ever. While the vacuum sucks loose dirt, dust, and pollen, the boiler produces hot steam to eliminate viruses and bacteria. So this complete cleaning occurs at a time that can cut your separate cleaning time, regardless of the type of floor.


If you go for any separate mop and vacuum, you have to invest in two gadgets. But if you go for a single device, it will reduce the expense of the cleaning system. Honestly speaking, a vacuum mop combo isn’t inexpensive, but they are less expensive than investing in two separate devices.

How Do You Vacuum and Mop at the Same Time?

Using a vacuum mop combo isn’t a difficult task. Most of the vacuum and mop combo come with an easy operation control panel. If you are using a vacuum steam mop combo for the first time, you can follow the below step-by-step guide.

How Do You Vacuum and Mop at the Same Time

Using a vacuum mop combo isn’t a difficult task. Most of the vacuum and mop combo come with an easy operation control panel. If you are using a vacuum steam mop combo for the first time, you can follow the below step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Prepare with the right steam settings

First, attach the mop pad and fill the water tank with regular tap water. Adjust the handle according to your job type and comfort level. Now, plug in your unit and wait until the water heats up.

When you see your steam mop is ready, select the steam level according to your floor type. You can easily adjust the proper steam level using the steam button.

Step 2: Use the right switches

Start with pressing the button under the handle to trigger steam. Select the proper brush or scrubs for cleaning. If you choose a proper steam vacuum mop, you will see a VAC switch on your cleaner. You can either use it when steam cleaning or separately when needed.

Step 4: Cleaning the surface

Start cleaning by passing slowly over the floor surface. While pressing the steam switch, hold the underside sturdily. You’ll see the floor will be a bit wet when using steam mode.

Step 5: Refill or end the cleaning

When you’re done with cleaning, turn off the unit and unplug it carefully. Now open the water tank, and if you want to clean again, refill using a cup. Before opening the water tank, let it cool for a while.

However, If you’re using it for a mattress, you’ll need the right steam cleaner for the mattress and know the right usage first.

What Are the Benefits of Having the Best Vacuum Mop Combo?

Using a vacuum mop combo has multitudes of advantages. Let’s know the key benefits of using one in the house.

  • A vacuum mop combo comes as a two-in-one gadget, so it can cut your extra cost of having separate cleaning equipment.
  • When it comes to cleaning, the vacuum mop combo can work together to clean and vacuum, saving some time.
  • You’ll be able to use them for versatile purposes and surface types, which seems impressive.
  • A vacuum mop not only cleans but also refreshes your home as well as sanitizes, and disinfects.
  • Lastly, you’ll use them separately if you need them; their dual operation mode makes them highly functional.

Bottom Line

It is a little difficult to find the best vacuum and steam mop combo at an affordable range. Besides, you must consider some important factors while you are shopping for the first time. Our expert team extensively researched and found some gadgets that come in handy for your regular cleaning to reduce your hassle.

We recommend you to go for BISSELL Symphony 2 in 1 Vac and Steam because of its versatile uses and effectiveness. This vacuum cleaner can provide continuous and powerful cleaning against any type of stains and dirt. In addition, it comes with a simple touch control panel that adds convenience.

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