About Us

What is Homedecent?

Welcome to Homedecent! A place where a bunch of industry professionals and researchers work together to make your dream home a reality. Here you’ll get the collection of all the latest home tools, such as vacuum and steam mops, handheld power scrubbers, etc. Our expert team members work continuously to provide you a top-notch review for different home tools. If you want your home to stand out from others and want a team of professionals to take care of the research works, Homedecent is here to help.

How Our Products Are Rated

Our one and only vision is to achieve your satisfaction by guiding you to the right product. To do that properly, we go through an organized and systematic way to complete our product rating. We proudly assure you that we never make any compromise with the product quality, durability, and reliability while rating products. Our experts and researchers strictly complete all the steps that we’ve designed to identify the best product.

At the very beginning, our research team studied the complete product market and picked the best one from the top brands. After that our expert team starts analyzing the core features of the product and compares them with the real customer reviews. For better investigation, we try to study all the reviews of real customers. Once our research team completes the analysis of the product market and features we primarily listed the best products of the top brands. After that, all the analyzed data forwarded to the writing team for cross-checking and enlist them on-site with a user-friendly review.

How We Make the Product Reviews?

Market Research

Market investigation is the most crucial thing that we do first in our product review process. The review process begins with extensive research for the specific product you’re looking for. We primarily list the products that match our research benchmarks that include trustworthiness of the brand/manufacturer, material, accessibility, and so on.

Core Features Identification

When different brands produce the same category product, there will be plenty of differences in the product features of each brand. Besides, all the features they include may not be effective for the task that you’re deciding to get the product. That’s why our expert team identifies the core features of the product that are most important for you.

Product Selection

When our expert team completes the market research and product identification we initially select some products. Our team especially focuses on the top quality product of the best brands. Here in this step, we emphasize on the technical details and the user reviews on various platforms. We don’t care how long it takes to find the best ones out of hundreds of prospects, we select the ones that amaze us with quality.

Review Analysis

Review analysis is another crucial part of our product selection process. For proper investigation, our team studied the real customer reviews. We have also developed an advanced system to identify unnatural reviews. So that we can only focus on the original reviews of the real customers.


For each of the products we reviewed, we gave them a score depending on their features, functions, durability, and price. Any products with higher ratings mean the better product than the lowers one. This will help you to compare the products with other similar products. As a result, you can easily understand which product you should go for.

Reviews Writing

After a long journey of evaluation, a product falls under the hands of our reviewers and writers. They explain the product in a friendly manner which you can see on every review we post. And finally, the editor panel does an evaluation before publishing.

Buying Guide

From the buying guide, you’ll get the ultimate summary of each product that we have analyzed. As you get all the research findings and analyzed data, you can easily pick the right products that you’re looking for.

Who Are We?

Eric William

Eric William

Eric William is the owner and the founder of Homedecent. By profession, he is a businessman and blogging is his passion. William has a home tool selling shop where he sells different types of tools. From his business, he gets the idea of creating this site. In his six years of business experience, Eric discovers that most of his customers get confused while going to pick home cleaning tools. So he creates this site to help them and communicate with wider audiences who have the same problem. To operate this site Eric formed a team of specialists, who continue working with him and assisting him in research and analysis.

Nicholas is an editor and the chief of our expert team. Basically, he is a mechanical engineer who worked for a renowned home tools manufacturing company. Nicholas worked at that manufacturing company for almost 10 years. That’s why he had complete knowledge about these tools. We bring him to our team and now he becomes the captain of our ship. Under his supervision, all the research processes are executed.

Nicholas E. Swaim

Nicholas E. Swaim

Hector C. Timothy

Hector C. Timothy

Hector is the team leader of the writing team. He joins us as a research writer.  Hector completed his Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees in Linguistics & English Literature. Before joining us, he works for a reputed magazine and news agency. We actually hired him because we were influenced by his magical writing. The best part of Hector is, he doesn’t write a single word without proper research. And, he has a super talent for making things simple to understand for users.